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Great schools make great communities, and education can impact the entire city and economy. Through LearnNLV, the City of North Las Vegas will ensure that every student has access to high-quality education.

LearnNLV is…

An innovative and comprehensive approach to supporting and growing schools of excellence throughout the City of North Las Vegas through partnering with existing schools, expanding quality education options, and connecting with the community to ensure every child has access to schools that fit their needs. 
In 2020, the North Las Vegas City Council established the Southern Nevada Urban Micro Academy (SNUMA) to address educational inequities many North Las Vegas students face. During the global pandemic, when parents throughout the region faced the prospect of education at home, SNUMA offered in-person education with small class sizes. In light of SNUMA’s success, the City Council adopted the LearnNLV initiative to boost student achievement citywide and provide every child with access to high-quality educational options. 

Accelerating public schools
LearnNLV will directly partner with public schools to provide the support they need, including finding solutions to pressing issues through community conversations and collaborative problem solving. 

Increasing quality options
LearnNLV ensures diverse, quality educational options to meet the needs of every student by supporting the growth of new schools through targeted recruitment and talent support.

Expanding access and connection
LearnNLV supports parents through the Parent Ambassador Program who assist families in understanding and accessing school options and tracking their specific needs and priorities, allowing the City of North Las Vegas to better understand the priorities and needs of our families.

SNUMA parent ambassador

Program Spotlight: Parent Ambassador Program

The City of North Las Vegas has established the LearnNLV Parent Ambassador Program to expand access to high-quality schools by supporting families in understanding educational options and enrolling in the school that best fits their needs. Learn more...