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Planning and Zoning Questions

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Phone: 702-633-1537

All Planning and Zoning Applications need to be submitted using the CSS Portal.

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City Hall
2250 Las Vegas Boulevard North, Ste. 114
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
Phone: (702) 633-1537
Fax: (702) 649-6091

Director:  Alfredo Melesio, Jr.
Manager: Robert Eastman

Planning & Zoning Division is comprised of two primary functional areas; Current Planning and Advanced Planning.

  • Administration
  • Current Planning section is responsible for ensuring the City grows and develops in accordance with the City’s priorities, Comprehensive Master Plan, and the Strategic Plan for 2012 – 2017 - 2030. This division has the responsibility for reviewing all land use development proposals, ensuring interdepartmentally and outside agency coordination and review of these proposals, and the coordination with developers in land use planning and development. Staff within this division also has the responsibility to review all land use applications in accordance with specific adopted plans or development tools such as the Downtown Redevelopment Plan, Downtown Master Plan and Investment Strategy, North Fifth Street Concept Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and appropriate Planning Principles. Staff is also responsible for the preparation of all staff reports with appropriate recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council. Staff reviews all building permits, business license requests, home occupation applications, conditional use permits, and performs landscape inspections. Current Planning is responsible for archiving and maintenance of the City’s land use records, and the scheduling and hosting of Land Use and Pre-Submittal Task Force meetings available to the development community. Current Planning is also responsible for maintaining the land use database, mapping the zoning and land use changes, tentative and final maps, and other Geographic Information System (GIS) projects.
  • Advanced Planning section is responsible for providing information and analysis to support the City priority of well-planned quality growth over the long-term for the residents. The Comprehensive Plan, combined with other related land use studies and regional planning efforts, provides the framework to successfully implement strategies for growth related issues within the City. In addition to planning for the City’s future, this section works closely with local, state and federal jurisdictions on challenges that transcend governmental jurisdictional boundaries such as education, health care, natural environment, recreation and culture, transportation and sustainability. Advanced Planning prepares population estimates and forecasts, conducts analyses in support of a wide range of projects, and maintains demographic data from a variety of sources. Advanced Planning facilitates the park planning and development activities for the City.

The mission of the Planning and Zoning division is to enhance the quality of life for each North Las Vegas resident and business by fostering the implementation of creative ideas and innovative programs. Each division concentrates on unique aspects of community life.