Clark County School District Quarterly Municipality Report 2022 Quarter 3

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The Clark County School District is required by law and District regulation to provide quarterly reports to the governing body of each city and county and to any Community Education Advisory Board created pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 388G.760. NRS 388G.630 requires that the reports take place quarterly, and CCSD Regulation 2130 defines the content of the quarterly reports. Information shall include:

1. A status update related to the compliance with NRS 388G.500-820, aligned administrative regulations codified in the Nevada Administrative Code, and this regulation.

2. Student information data aligned with the District’s strategic plan, disaggregated by municipality. Student information must be provided to municipality governing boards as reference material for the next practicable scheduled presentation that follows the date the information was reported to the Board of School Trustees in alignment with Board Governance Policies.

3. Highlights and celebrations related to specific schools, students, or events within the applicable municipality. 4. Available information related to the alignment of current or potential investments made by the municipality in support of District achievement goals.

The Clark County School District (CCSD) is divided into three regions designed to provide geographic and feeder alignment while reflecting comparable demographics and supporting equitable representation of student groups and a balance of student, school, and community needs and opportunities. Superintendents from each region provide the quarterly reports in alignment with statutes and District policies.

This document provides the student information data aligned to the strategic plan required in CCSD policy. 
Focus: 2024, the Clark County School District’s Five-Year Strategic Plan, outlines specific measures related to student achievement, attendance, behavior, and safety that will be included in these reports.

Information is disaggregated to reflect information for students who attend schools in the City of Boulder City, City of Henderson, City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, City of Mesquite, and Unincorporated Clark County. Data attributed to a city or county reflects students who attend a school that is located in the city or county; student residential addresses are not considered.

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